Since 2000, Midwest Monitoring & Surveillance Inc. has served criminal justice and human service partners by delivering a full range of products and services to enable the provision of evidence-based programs.  Midwest combines state-of-the-art technology with our focus and commitment to customer service to excel in providing agencies with the products, systems and services they need to enhance offender management and monitoring within their community.  Midwest Monitoring specializes in electronic monitoring, supervision, and alcohol and drug testing.  Our goal is to aid the agencies we work with in keeping their communities safe, ensuring compliance with court-orders, and enabling offenders to maintain their sobriety through continuous monitoring and intervention..

Midwest has provided products and services to dozens of facilities and agencies nationwide. These products and services range from a variety of forwarding-thinking, results-oriented monitoring and tracking software and hardware technologies, to direct offender/client assessments, supervision and interactions.

Owned and managed by experienced law enforcement and correctional professionals. Midwest has the perspective it takes to fully understand the real needs of agents and agencies in the justice, human services and correctional environments, especially when it comes to the needs for services and supporting technologies.

Building upon our well-earned reputation, we have come to be known as a leading provider of monitoring services and systems across the country.